Our Staff and Committee

Each class is taught by a Qualified Early Childhood Teacher.   
The Preschool has a very low turnover of staff which makes for a very happy and stable place for both children and staff. 

Our highly skilled, nurturing, happy and caring staff include:
Early Childhood Teachers:   Laura (Director), Sam, Tracie, Rashika 
Diploma Trained Advanced Child Care Worker:  Kelly, Melissa, Rokayah, Jen, Diana, Elnaz, Cherry, Kate
Advanced Child Care Workers:  Paris 
Administration:   Sonja
Support Worker:   Alex

A Management Committee is elected at the AGM which is held before the end of March each year. Committee positions include:
President: Lead the Preschool and be responsible for the integrity of Committee processes and decisions.
Vice President  : Support and substitute the President in their absence.
Treasurer: Oversee the Preschool's financial reporting & budgetary processes to ensure the viability of the centre   
Secretary: Ensure effective written communication so Committee & Preschool staff are aware of activities, decisions & discussions of the Preschool.
Assistant Secretary: Support the Secretary in their role.
Public Officer: Keep a list of Committee members, complete Dept of Fair Trading forms.   
Social Coordinator: Coordinate the planning, implementation and evaluation of social functions in conjunction with and with full support of Director and Committe
Day Roster Coordinator: Ensure one parent is on roster in each room, each day.
Book Club:  Be in charge of Scholastic Book Club.
Parent Library: Be in charge of Preschool Library.
Parent involvement in any of these areas is encouraged as the ultimate responsibility for administering the Preschool rests with families, the users of our service. It also gives families the opportunity to be involved in discussions and decisions which affect you, your child and the long term future directions of our Preschool.